Tomorrowland cannot take place in 2020 due to the worldwide coronavirus outbreak and the governmental order that has been issued in that regard.

The 16th edition of Tomorrowland will take place in the summer of 2021 and the dates will be
from July 16 till July 18 and from July 23 till July 25.

We would like to inform you that all tickets purchased for Tomorrowland 2020 will be transferred to Tomorrowland 2021 on the date as indicated below:

Ticket dates for 2020 Transferred to/ticket dates 2021
Friday, July 17 Friday, July 16
Saturday, July 18 Saturday, July 17
Sunday, July 19 Sunday, July 18
Full Madness Pass, July 17-19 Full Madness Pass, July 16-18
DreamVille Package, July 16-20 DreamVille Package, July 15-19
Friday, July 24 Friday, July 23
Saturday, July 25 Saturday, July 24
Sunday, July 26 Sunday, July 25
Full Madness Pass, July 24-26 Full Madness Pass, July 23-25
DreamVille Package, July 23-27 DreamVille Package, July 22-26


Your ticket will remain valid in 2021 even when your ESNcard is expired. Please make sure you still have your (possibly expired) card in July 2021 as you will need to bring it to the festival.

In May of this year, you will receive an email from Paylogic with your new e-tickets for 2021. They will also appear in your Tomorrowland account. By the end of June of next year, the Main Buyer will receive all Bracelets by post. Your order number will remain the same.

Please visit the FAQ section on, where we will keep you informed.

Take good care of each other and stay safe.

Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever.

Looking forward to welcoming you in July 2021!